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What is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website for top search engine placement and is not something that can be learned overnight. Because search engine algorithms are constantly being updated to try to provide the best search results, there are no classes available that could adequately teach someone SEO. Instead learning SEO is something that takes years of studying online through blogs and forums and then applying what has been learned. Through constant studying and hands-on experience is a person then able to develope the skills needed to optimize a website.

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist (or SEO Specialist) is a person who has spent time studying SEO and practicing it. They have learned both basic and advanced concepts of SEO and they know what current techniques can be applied to achieve top rankings. A search engine optimization specialist will know current SEO techniques and have a track record of bringing top results from their work. They are an expert in their field.